Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Making a Difference

Sometime last month, before the grey cloud descended over my summer, I was looking up at the sky and noticed how many 'con trails' there were. 'Con trails' are those white lines in the skies that mark out the flight path of a plane, caused by the moisture being forced out of the air by the effect of the wing. The fact is, a wing changes the air it passes through, almost always invisibly. It is that change that grants lift but if were granted a view of the air before and after the wing, we would see two very different images.
I was given cause to think of an old cleric that I know and love, the bishop who confirmed me in 1983. His gentle personality, razor sharp wit and authentic prayerfulness changed everyone among whom he passed. I would go so far as to say that the man to whom I refer is the most Christ-like human I have ever met, and he too left a mark of change behind him. His 'con-trail' didn't vanish after mere moments, but rather became indelible.
It is in my heart to try and be like that man, to make a difference to the air through which I pass. I am not sure how it is done, but for a man or woman of Christ, it can only be done by utter authenticity of self.

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  1. The 'con-trail' image is a very attractive concept and it is true there are those whose passage through life touches all around them.

    It is of course necessary to know yourself before others can know you, and for many or most of us this can take an entire life-time.

    Authenticity is of course the key but it takes
    great courage to hold to one's own 'truth' in the face of often quite agressive opposition.
    Good luck David, quite a noble aim. May the
    'force' be with you.